Blood Quantum Law is Erasing Native American Indians from the U.S., Canadian, and Caribbean Landscape
We Natives should wonder why our numbers are "statistically" low concerning our population and "legal standing" in our land. It is the fact that blood quantum law is killing our people off, and doing so on paper because paper is the only recognition for our people in our land based on white man laws concerning our tribes within the U.S., Canada, and Caribbean, specifically. Blood quantum laws were never written in our favor. Does the African American community discriminate against its own? NO, they accept mixed Black people no matter what their skin color, hair texture, or mixture with other races may be, they gladly pull in all mixed Black persons for the very fact the African American community embraces having a higher population in numbers on paper because higher numbers mean better political standing in America.

Some of these they try to pull into the black race are not technically black,

but because they have some black ancestry for political reason they are pulled into those black population numbers.

The next group are those who "do identify" as Latinos (and not to be confused with the many spanish speaking Blood Natives of the Americas), and the Latino group is also gaining power in our land politically because their numbers are high, in fact now higher than the Black/African American community. 

Our numbers are low because we Natives are the ONLY group in the whole world foolish enough to care about phenotypes and colorism

and we are dying off on paper at a quick pace because of that ignorance, and the government knows this and is basically waiting for it to happen. 

Want a large Native population in our land? then our people better start taking in our mixed people like we did BEFORE blood quantum law existed in our land.

We better unite together to get recognition for all of our people because if we don't in a few generations NONE OF OUR PEOPLE will have a legal Indian identity and Natives American Indians will be just another extinct people in the world. Our history and people will be like a museum artifacts so to speak.

We have to bring an end to blood quantum laws in our land, because if we don't our history, culture, and ancestral rights to our land in our region called The United States, Canada, and the Caribbean will be gone forever, Indian blood is Indian blood and under Indian Law no Indian is Black, White or Latino, because if you claim our blood you are just a Native American Indian who identifies with the First Peoples of this land the Americas who are traditionally known as Red People or American Indians.


The one drop rule is no longer law, in fact it was outlawed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1967 when the United States Supreme Court struck down Virginia's law prohibiting inter-racial marriage in Loving v. Virginia (1967), and by doing so it also declared Walter Plecker's Virginia Racial Integrity Act and the one-drop rule used through out the entire U.S. unconstitutional, and the ruling stood, and still stands as law in every single state in America since year 1967.

Fact: There is a myth that Black blood dominates any blood it mixes with, that is a falsehood and propaganda that has been used by the European government for centuries in our land. The one drop rule was viciously used against full blood Indians in order to reclassifying them to Black, Colored, or Mulatto in order to strip away Native ancestry on government paper as in the federal census and birth records. It was also used to put mixed blood Indians who have some Black ancestry in the category of colored and by doing so it did not give them a choice of who they wanted to identify as, thus suppressing their Native ancestry on paper. These are acts of Paper Genocide.

If the Black blood myth were true Actor Johnny Deep would be Black because his eighth great-grandmother Elizabeth Key was an African slave in the 1600's. 
LOL, so why won't the Black race claim Depp??? after all he has a DROP of Black Blood... for one he is not going to be a pawn in their political agenda,

and two he does not claim to be black because the one drop rule is a joke.

The one drop rule is a made up fantasy by those who used it to keep Native American Indians enslaved with Black African persons during the days of slavery,

and also for black political power reasons and nothing more.

 Depp isn't Black, and neither is any Native American  Indian with some black ancestry somewhere lost in their blood line hundreds of years ago.

​Depp is mostly English, Irish, and German with a Black grandmother somewhere in his blood line from the 1600's.

So it seems that white people can tan.  It's an afrocentric myth that whites can't tan... so much for that lie and the one drop rule MYTH too.

If the myth of dominate Black blood admixture were true there would not be Africans in Africa, as well as African Americans giving birth to medically healthy (non-Albino) White babies; even at times with "both" parent being of Black African descent.

​​"Blacks have white baby"

Guess those white genes mixed in from Africa's colonization had been floating around in their gene pool and were stronger than their black blood.

The same black blood they used to promote the mythical one drop rule.

Photo: Quanah Parker, son of Comanche chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker, an English-American.

Indians with significant White, or other types of Caucasian ancestry don't label themselves as White or European Indians,

so why do our mixed people with some Black ancestry in their family's bloodline allow themselves to be labeled

Afro Natives or a Black Indians both "afrocentric made up terms" at that. 

Quanah Parker was a mixed blood Indian. His mother was a white women, and his father was a full blood Indian.

Quanah Parker remained an Indian and never questioned his Indian blood.

Even biracial Natives as in having one (blood) American Indian parent, and one Black parent in our "traditional" way are just called American Indian,

that is IF they "choose" to claim our blood, and culture.

The fact remains if you claim to be Indian "by blood" either you are Indian, or your not.

The tribe is who you represent not your racial background. That is the Ancestors Way. That is our tradition. Indian blood is Indian blood.

Why do we need any extra labels to define our people, even our mixed bloods? The Ancestors never did it that way.

Stand up for your blood if you claim it. One should never ride the fence of political correctness. 

There are cultures all around the world and people should be proud of their culture and blood heritage.

If you are claiming "our Native culture and our Native blood heritage" please embrace all of it since it is the Ancestors traditional way

because our culture and blood heritage are not coats to take off and put back on out of convenience.

No one is telling you to deny your mixed ancestry but if you are claiming ours we are just Natives plain and simple. 

Who we are as Natives is not interchangeable with any other culture, people, or even race classification, its not a fad, its not a game,

its our life blood and way of life, and has been that way since our creation in our land. 


"Indian ancestry is to be computed only from so-called Federally-recognized tribes ( in spite of the ambiguous status of some tribes at this time). The changes specifically limit "Indian blood" to ancestry from a Federally-recognized tribe and define the latter as one listed in the Federal Register as a tribe recognized by the Secretary of the Interior. This means that one's degree of Indian blood cannot include American Indian or Eskimo-Inuit ancestry derived from a terminated tribe, from an "administratively-deleted tribe", from a Canadian, Greenlandic, Mexican or other non-US group, or from any state-recognized tribe (as along the east coast), or perhaps from any newly-recognized tribe. Thus a person who is 1/2 Inuit from Alaska and 1/2 Inuit from Canada or Greenland can only be counted as 1/2. The possibility exists that numerous persons of full American indigenous racial ancestry will be counted as mixed-bloods and that, gradually, American Indians will be eliminated as a people as they marry non-Indians or currently non-Federally recognized Natives. This is a form of self-termination." - J. Forbes 

According to the Dawes Commission rules, a person who was 1/4 Cherokee and 1/4 Creek had to choose one nation and register simply as '1/4 Cherokee', for instance. That forced individuals to lose part of his or her inheritance and heritage.

Many of our Indian tribes did not consider strict blood descent the only way to determine if a person was a member of a tribe, the Dawes Commission did. 

The result of the Dawes Commission was that our five Indian nations lost most of their national land bases, as the government declared as "surplus"

any remaining after the allotment to individual households.

The US sold the surplus land, formerly Indian territory, to European-American settlers. In addition, over the next decades, settlers bought and at times swindled land from individual Indian households, thus reducing overall land held by tribal members.

"The Dawes Commission imposed on our people but another form of paper genocide thru the use of blood quantum. In following rules that many tribes other than the 5 civilized tribes have made the rule of membership into tribes, we are now becoming extinction "on paper" in the U.S and even Canada.


I am for ALL of my people and this page does not promote separation within our Native community against mixed blood Natives. 

We have many ranges of red hued skin from the lightest to the darkest, and many phenotypes in our race, and not one is black or white. 

We also have many full bloods who have managed to mix American Indian blood back into to our blood lines.

No one is a pure blood we have a lot of people who are nearly pure blood, but being a pure blood is impossible for any of our people unless they have been inbreeding for last 500+ years. With all the rapes and mixing that took place in our land over the last 500+ years that term Pure Blood is just that, a term.

We better get it together and unify as a people. OUR blood makes us stronger.

"The Ancestors NEVER measured blood. We can clearly see how the European has had a strong influenced our Nations with these oppressive laws.

Indian blood makes you Native by blood, or at least the Ancestors believed and taught that." -

Sonya Braxton, Tuscarora Indian, North Carolina

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