My True Story: The Little Indian Girl Who Stood Up for Her Blood

By Sonya Braxton, a Tuscarora Indian of Snow Hill, North Carolina

Note: My parents left North Carolina for New York in the 1950's, all of my people from my mother and fathers bloodlines are from North Carolina and lived in isolate Indian communities within Greene, Pitt, and Lenoir counties. I myself was born in 1969 and I was raised in NYC.

 I never did like the city, too many people, crime, greed, ugly buildings, cold concrete, cold hearts, and pollution, 

so I relocated back to North Carolina with my family in the 90's.

North Carolina is our homeland as a Tuscarora Indians. Home is where the heart is.

When I was  in the sixth grade, in the early 80's, in N.Y.C. there was a  white teacher who told me I wasn't an Indian because Indians were either dead or on reservations. This happened during the day he spoke about Thanksgiving and Indians.

I called him a liar and defiantly stood up in his class and told this ignorant teacher I am an Indian and we are not all dead or all living on reservations. 
I was straight A student before this happened in his class and this teacher began failing me for standing up to him and his oppressive stance, and historical lies.

I told my parents that this teacher was failing me because I said I was an Indian and that we were not all dead or on reservations, and my parents went up to the school and confronted the white teacher.

My mother Agness, a short little Red Indian woman of about 4'11 was pointing her finger in that teachers face yelling at him, and my father Louis,

a tall 200 pound 5 '11 Red Indian, known in his hometown of Pitt County by the nickname Red because he was so Red hued, walked up to that teacher, took that white teacher off his feet by his flannel shirt, and told him to apologize to me for telling me my Indian people are all dead and the only ones who exist are those on reservations, and also for failing me with school grades for standing up for my race "The Native American Indian".

I looked that white bastard in the eyes as he apologized to me just as my father told him he had better do. My father then while having this teacher jack up against the wall by his shirt threw that tall husky teacher on the floor and the teacher slid across the floor looked up at my father in shock.

I was that same day removed from his class and put in another class. I later graduated from my six grade class with A's, and retained my right to be who

I am, a Native American Indian and did so, within that same school with no more problem out of the school about it. 

No police were called that day by the school because the school knew the oppressive teacher was 100% in the wrong, and unlike today, there were still SOME people who worked for government who still had some kind of morals and still knew right from wrong and did not interfere with a wrong that being corrected.

That white teacher was later seen by my family as we were driving past the school. He was staggering with a whisky bottle in his hand in the elementary school playground that summer because he was no longer with the school, some said he was fired.

Now that is what I call reaping and sowing,  all in the hands of my Creator who allowed my INDIAN Ancestors to stand with me the day I stood up in that classroom, who allowed my Indian Ancestors to be there with me and my parents that day my parents came to the school to confront that white teacher in front of me, my Creator who allowed my Indian Ancestors to be there the day I graduated from elementary school with straight A's in spite of that white teacher trying to oppress me for standing up for my Indian blood. 

My Indian Ancestors are still with me today as I fight oppression with my Indian people today against the Paper Genocide being done to us Tuscarora in North Carolina, and who allows this...our Creator.

Now that was just one oppressive teacher, yet the whole state of North Carolina with its government has basically did the same thing to us Tuscarora in North Carolina.

Its all cumulative, evil, oppressive deeds done by North Carolina government against us Tuscarora, and it a reaping ready to be sowed by those who continue to oppress us Tuscarora in North Carolina by hiding our blood on government record with Paper Genocide.

Our Indian Ancestors stand with all of us Tuscarora even to this day because our Creator allows it and wants the wrongs to end NOW.

Our Creator made us who we are and no one can take our blood away from us because it is True, and Truth cannot be hidden forever, nor can it be oppressed for long. It is what it is, just as we are who we are Tuscarora Indians.

Change has no other choice but to happen because too many Tuscarora blood Indians are standing by our blood, and are known to be who we are as Indians. 

I KNOW personally about Historical Trauma I have been going through it since I was old enough to see how the world treats us Indians and my first lesson began with that white teacher in NYC. and still continues with North Carolina government, an government in general.

Historical Trauma is a REAL, it is a medical condition all of us as Native american Indians have, and whether or not its acknowledge by us Indians its there.

My people the Native American Indian suffer from in one way or another. It manifests in each of us in different ways because it is embedded so deep within our DNA passed on to us from our Indian Ancestors.

The healing cannot begin, and the bitterness of what happened cannot be waned until we are no longer denied our rights as Tuscarora Indians within our homeland, now called North Carolina.

*The U.S. Supreme Court struck down Walter Plecker's Racial Integrity Act in 1967 within Loving v. Virginia Argued: April 10, 1967,

Decided: June 12, 1967, 206 Va. 924, 147 S.E.2d 78, reversed.

This means that race reclassification is illegal, and by law has to be reversed for blood Indians in North Carolina. 

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By Sonya Braxton, a Tuscarora Indian of North Carolina 
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