Due to the hidden/suppressed real history of the African slave trade, I have to point out the  fact that Black Africans did, and STILL do sell Africans into slavery, and yes I said "still do".  If  telling the Truth of this fact labels me a racist in someones eye, so be it, your opinion of me doesn't change Truth or the fact that Africans in our land have been using a propagandize history of slavery to promote that slavery occurred only because the European snatched them from their homeland.  

The Truth is the Blacks in power in Africa sold their own people into slavery. Europeans saw the opportunity and they are used that to their  advantage, but no white man went in the bush to grab slaves, black people did it for them and did so to make money off of the slave trade which occurred way before any blacks were brought to the Americas as slaves. So the American slave trade was not the first time Black people have been enslaved, nor was it the longest.

Yes, their own people as in Black slave masters offering up their people for $$$ and weapons, and they did this long before any slave ships came here to our land the Americas, from their homeland Africa. 

Africa has a long history of selling slaves, and as far as the Americas Africa was still willing to sell its people  as slaves up until the 1800's when it was banned from doing so by laws created to stop the sale of Black African slaves in many countries. 

Number of Africans deported to the Americas by the Europeans: 
about 10-15 million  (about 30-40 million died before reaching the Americas).

Number of Africans deported by Arabs to the Middle East:
about 17 million.

European slave trade by destination:

Brazil: 4,000,000 35.4% 
Spanish Empire: 2,500,000 22.1% 
British West Indies: 2,000,000 17.7% 
French West Indies: 1,600,00 14.1% 
British North America: 500,000 4.4% 
Dutch West Indies: 500,000 4.4% 
Danish West Indies: 28,000 0.2% 
Europe: 200,000 1.8% 
Total 1500-1900: 11,328,000 100.0%
Source: "The Slave Trade", Hugh Thomas, 1997

The slave trade was abolished by Britain in 1812, and subsequently by all other European countries. Portugal and France, though, continued to import slaves, although as contract labourers, which they called respectively "libertos" or "engages a` temps". Portugal had a virtual monopoly on the African slave trade to the Americas until the mid 1650s, when Holland became a major competitor. In the period 1700-1800 Britain became the leading "importer".

African Slave Trade Worldwide by Century:
1500-1600: 328,000 (2.9%) 
1601-1700: 1,348,000 (12.0%) 
1701-1800: 6,090,000 (54.2%) 
1801-1900: 3,466,000 (30.9%), including 
French and Portuguese contract labourers
Source: "Transformations in Slavery", Paul Lovejoy, 2000

By slave-trading country
Portugal/Brazil: 4,650,000 
Spain: 1,600,000 
France: 1,250,000 
Holland: 500,000 
Britain: 2,600,000 
U.S.A.: 300,000 
Denmark: 50,000 
Others: 50,000 
Total: 11,000,000
Source: "Slave Trade", Hugh Thomas, 1977

Key dates
700: Zanzibar becomes the main Arab slave trading post in Africa 
1325: Mansa Musa, the king of Mali, makes his pilgrimage to Mecca carrying 
500 slaves and 100 camels 
1444: the first public sale of African slaves by Europeans takes place at Lagos, Portugal 
1482: Portugal founds the first European trading post in Africa (Elmira, Gold Coast) 
1500-1600: Portugal enjoys a virtual monopoly in the slave trade to the Americas 
1528: the Spanish government issues "asientos" (contracts) to private companies 
for the trade of  African slaves
1619: the Dutch begin the slave trade between Africa and America 
1637: Holland captures Portugal's main trading post in Africa, Elmira 
1650: Holland becomes the dominant slave trading country 
1700: Britain becomes the dominant slave trading country 
1789: the English Privy Council concludes that almost 50% of the slaves

exported from Africa die before reaching the Americas 

1790: at the height of the British slave trade,

one slave vessel leaves England for Africa every other day 

1807: Britain outlaws slavery 

1848: France abolishes slavery 
In 1830 about 25% of the free Negro slave masters

in South Carolina owned 10 or more slaves: 
That is a much higher percentage

(ten times more) than the number of

white slave owners.
Thus slave owners were a tiny minority (1.4%)

and it was not only whites: it was just about 
anybody who could, including blacks themselves. 

Seems that Africa was still willing to sell slaves

and there were laws passed and up until the 
early 1800's because the laws were being broken

by slave sellers and slave buyers until they 
were threaten with death. 


"Large numbers of free Blacks owned black slaves in numbers disproportionate to their representation in society.  According to the federal census of 1830, free blacks owned more than 10,000 slaves in Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia.  The majority of black slave-owners lived in Louisiana and planted sugar cane.

Slave holding among the mulatto class in South Carolina was widespread according to the first census of 1790, which revealed that 36 out of 102, or 35.2 percent of the free Black heads of family held slaves in Charleston City. 

By 1800 one out of every three free black recorded owning slave property.  Between 1820 and 1840 the percentage of slaveholding heads of family ranged from 72.1 to 77.7 percent, however, by 1850 the percentage felt to 42.3 percent.

According to the U.S. Census report in 1860 only a small minority of whites owned slaves.  Out of a population of 27 million whites only eight million  lived in the South, and out of this population fewer than 385,000 owned slaves. In short, the total white population own about 1.4, while the southern white population own about 4.8 enslaved Africans.

On the other hand the black population in 1860 was 4.5 million, with about 500,000 living in the South.  Of the blacks residing in the South, 261,988 were not slaves.  Of this number, 10,689 lived in New Orleans.  In New Orleans over 3,000 free blacks owned slaves, about 28 percent of the free Black population in the city."

African Americans consistently bring up the small percentage of Natives that had African slaves,  key words "small percentage" and "had".

They claims our people treated Africans badly,  if that's the case why do the Black Freeman want to be called Cherokee Indian instead of Freeman? (this is in reference to those Freeman who have not claimed Indian blood, and only a small percentage of freeman exist who can claim Cherokee blood ancestry at that). So WHY do they fight so hard for that recognition, could it be because of money they think Indians have? yet factually Indians are POOR. Are there any stories of brutality among the Freeman done to them by Cherokee??? Any rapes, slaughter of their people, beatings, whippings, etc??? So explain how any of our Indian  people treated enslaved Africans badly,  show me proof other than an opinion.

This land is our territory, our homeland and no one else's. We defended our land, we treated invaders accordingly in order to protect our own people, and way of life.

I also personally call B.S. on any of our people treating slaves badly because first of all many Africans that our people owned on paper were rescued slaves, secondly it is a fact  that the worst slave master in America was a Black man, and he was not trying to save anybody, he was filling his pockets $$$. 

>>---->  ***In 1860 Ellison greatly underestimated his worth to tax assessors at $65,000. Even using this falsely stated figure, this man who had been a slave 44 years earlier had achieved great financial success. His wealth outdistanced 90 percent of his white neighbors in Sumter District. In the entire state, only five percent owned as much real estate as Ellison. His wealth was 15 times greater than that of the state's average for whites. 

And Ellison owned more slaves than 99 percent of the South's slaveholders. Although a successful businessman and cotton farmer, Ellison's major source of income derived from being a "slave breeder." Slave breeding was looked upon with disgust throughout the South, and the laws of most southern states forbade the sale of slaves under the age of 12. In several states it was illegal to sell inherited slaves. Nevertheless, in 1840 Ellison secretly began slave breeding.

While there was subsequent investment return in raising and keeping young males, females were not productive workers in his factory or his cotton fields. As a result, except for a few females he raised to become "breeders," Ellison sold the female and many of the male children born to his female slaves at an average price of $400. Ellison had a reputation as a harsh master. His slaves were said to be the district's worst fed and clothed. On his property was located a small, windowless building where he would chain his problem slaves.

As with the slaves of his white counterparts, occasionally Ellison's slaves ran away. The historians of Sumter District reported that from time to time Ellison advertised for the return of his runaways. On at least one occasion Ellison hired the services of a slave catcher. 

According to an account by Robert N. Andrews, a white man who had purchased a small hotel in Stateburg in the 1820s, Ellison hired him to run down "a valuable slave. Andrews caught the slave in Belleville, Virginia. He stated: "I was paid on returning home $77.50 and $74 for expenses.***

Note: Freed African slaves in America also sold themselves back into slavery so that they would not have to go to colonies set up in Africa, their homeland, as "reparations" for Africans who were enslaved. Ever heard of Sierra Leone and Liberia, these places were for Africans in America to return back home free, they refused to go back home. I have heard many African Americans say they want reparations for slavery. Do they know that their ancestors were given reparations in a way back to their homeland as freed persons, but they refused to go???

If anyone IN THIS LAND OUR LAND has a true un-propagandized story of oppression, rape, slavery, torture, slaughter, homeland theft, stolen children, historical trauma...its us Natives. We had our land stolen, we had our women raped by both the Europeans, and the Black Africans who joined the U.S. Army and even gladly killed our people to gain 40 acres (OF OUR HOMELAND) and a mule. It would be interesting to see how many Black folks across America own land that was received as heir property from their ancestors being "Indian killers" as in Buffalo Soldiers. 

An African American commented that God will punish us Indians for enslaving Black folks, well I can say this about GOD, My GOD that I believe in...

He will surely punish the African and European who WITH NO REGRET killed our people, raped our women, and stole our land. Africans have blood on their hands in two continents because of what they did to us in our homeland the Americas, and the fact that in their own continent of Africa they sold out their own people into slavery for $$$ and will not acknowledge that fact but instead point the finger at everyone else. The European who stole our land and committed atrocities against us also have blood on their hands. And before we say all Europeans had a hand in it that is a lie. Concerning the Americas The French, English, Spanish Visigoth and Spanish Moors had a hand in it, that is the history of the European occupation in our Homeland. 

Its time for "us Natives to stand together" in the world "as a people" before the world destroys us as a people. Its time that the selfless Indian thinks about OUR lives, OUR FAMILIES, and OUR communities, and ONLY our communities before we "oblige" ourselves to death. 

The first slaves in the Americas were our Native People/ RED People.

Our people took the brunt of slavery, the slave trade, and the horrible abuses done by the European; 
including the Spanish who came to our land and colonized it.

***Even the Black Buffalo Soldiers helped the Europeans WHO CHOSE to violently colonize America. 

One Example of Buffalo Soldiers Murdering of Native American Indian Protecting Lands.

"The Southern Plains’ finest horsemen: Comanche, Kiowa and Cheyenne were now afoot without food or shelter.
The Buffalo Soldiers of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry harried the scattered bands throughout the fall, winter, and spring, skirmishing, burning lodges and food caches." 

See more at http://www.papergenocide.org/buffalo-solider-day-july-28th-is-a-columbus-day-for-black-americans.html

Slaves brought to our land from over seas:

Beginning in 1580 the First  slaves brought to our land came from "Asia" over 100,000 Asian slaves from different parts of Asia were  brought to the Americas as slaves. 

"About 100,000 Asian slaves were brought to Mexico by the Manila galleons through the centuries, a dark side of the trade that has not been explored by historians.

The slaves were captured by Spanish and Portuguese traders in India, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mindanao,

loaded on the galleons in Manila and transported to Acapulco." 

 Second, "The Irish" were brought here as slaves, many down play this because  these were non Black people.

The same way the history of the enslavement of Indigenous People/Native American Indians is put on the back burner and is down played and suppressed

because the civil rights movement and most laws in America focus on Black people rights and put our NATIVE people on the back burner.
Last, masses of Black Africans were brought here to our land as slaves, multitudes arrived in South America and later in the deep south where some of the largest slave plantations in North America existed. DEEP SOUTH, or Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana.




Note: "One stormy day in August of 1619 a Dutch man of-war with about 20 Africans on board entered port at the English colony of Jamestown, Virginia. Little is known of these newly arrived people: the first Africans to set foot on the North American continent. At this time the slave trade between Africa and the English colonies had not yet been established, and it is unlikely that the 20 or so newcomers became slaves upon their arrival. They were perhaps considered indentured servants, who worked under contract for a period of time." Anyone who is not FREE is a slave, so they were also slaves just like the Irish who came here as indentured servants.

FACT: A little known fact is that Asian slaves began arriving to our land on the Manila Galleon in approx. 1580, and in the beginnings of their slavery approx. 100,000 or more Asians arrived and continued to arrive to the Americas (about one hundred thousand Asian slaves - people captured from India, Burma, Indonesia, and Mindanao - were collected in Manila and brought to Mexico as slaves by the Manila Galleons).

Then came the Irish in 1619 which no one talks about because they were enslaved Caucasians, many died in captivity (none of the Irish victims ever made it back to their homeland to describe their ordeal. These are the lost slaves; the ones that time and biased history books conveniently forgot. The first slaves imported into the American colonies were 100 White children. They arrived during Easter, 1619, (four months before the arrival of a the first shipment of Black African slaves) Indentured servants are still slaves, if your not free your a captive/slave.

Then began the arrival of the African slave who was brought here to the AMERICAS from Africa during the transatlantic slave trade. 

Years 1640-1680 was the beginning of the large scale trade of African slaves to the British Caribbean for sugar production, a slave trade that eventually spread the the plantations of  North America. 

Domestic slave trade of Africans in North America - Between 1790 and 1860, 835,000 slaves were moved from Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Between 16 and 60 percent of slaves were shipped west by traders.  

Native American Indians were still also being held in captivity.. If you were born of a female Native American Indian slave regardless of race your children were also enslaved, if free the children were free. Natives became enslaved with the Asian, the Irish, and also the African slaves brought here to our land.



Asians first arrived in post-Colombian North America aboard the Manila Galleons in the 1580's.

Some worked on the Spanish Treasure Fleet from Veracruz which plied the waters of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico on the way to Spain.

Starting in 1763, Filipinos sometimes deserted the ships in the Gulf of Mexico to escape the brutalities meted out by the Spanish. These Manilamen (also called “Tagalas”) formed communities in the Louisiana Bayou, building their houses on stilts and kept themselves apart from the rest of Louisiana society. Very few women joined these ships, so the men formed families with Cajun, Native American or Creole women. Saint Malo, one of their fishing villages, was continuously occupied until a hurricane wiped it out in 1915.

In the early 1800s Asians entered the South. These included the Siamese Twins, Chang and Eng Bunker, ethnic Chinese from Thailand, who entered the US in 1829. In 1839, they each married white women and settled in North Carolina and became naturalized citizens (requiring their classification as “white”). They even owned black slaves, and their sons fought on the Confederate side of the Civil War.

In the middle 1800s Chinese-American immigration exploded. Over *300,000 entered California between the California Gold Rush (1848) and the Chinese Exclusion Act (1882).

In the late 1860s they started coming South after: the Civil War freed the slaves (1865), the Burlingame Treaty (1868) expanded Chinese immigration, and the completion of the Transpacific Railroad (1869) was followed by increasing racial violence in the West and the completion of the Suez Canal (1869) facilitated trans-Atlantic travel from Asia.

Southern plantation owners, hearing of how effective Chinese labour was in building the railroads in the West and working on plantations in the Caribbean, devised schemes to lure Chinese to come to the South to replace black slaves. They believed non-citizens who could not vote could be controlled more easily than freed slaves. They even sent delegations to China to recruit labour.

By the 1870s, thousands of Chinese were working on plantations in Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana, in the port city of New Orleans, and even in the cotton fields of South Carolina and Georgia. However, the Burlingame treaty required employers to engage the Chinese with labour contracts, which they soon learned the white plantation owners had no intention to honour. They were treated as nothing more than slaves. They went on strike. When that did not work, they fled the plantations. The Chinese Exclusion Act then abruptly halted Southerners’ ability to recruit additional Chinese labour after 1882.

By the late 1880s, few if any Chinese were still working on southern plantations. Whites viewed the labour importation scheme as a complete failure.
Some Chinese left the South, particularly to cities in the East and Midwest, but some remained and went onto other occupations, such as grocers to black sharecroppers. The majority of the Chinese who settled in the Mississippi Delta arrived between the years 1910 and 1930. 

***However, questions concerning the social, economic, and political future of the Chinese in Mississippi began much earlier, starting in the mid-1800s when a number of Chinese “coolies” (indentured/slave laborers) from Cuba were brought to the American South as a substitute for black labor.

A vast social and economic gulf yawns between the dominant white and subordinate black. Yet one group in Mississippi, a “third race,” the Chinese, has managed to leap that chasm. Negroes do not consider them exactly white; Caucasians do not consider them black. They are privileged and burdened with an ambiguous racial identity.*** James W. Loewen, The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White (London: Oxford University Press, 1971), 2.


The first slaves in the Americas were my people the Native American Indians, then over 100,000 Asians were brought here in 1580 and after, then came the Irish slaves to the Americas. LAST were the Black African slave brought here in masses, but the Americas was not the first times Black Africans were enslaved their people have been selling their own way before the slave trade to the Americas.  Also, the first slave owner in America was a Black man who went to court and won rights to keep another black person indefinitely, and there you have the first slave-master in America and he was a Black man.

And before people state the Irish were not slaves if your not FREE your a slave, end of story.

People try to make light of that fact because these were white persons, and they hide the fact that Asians were slaves because they are not black persons.

History just totally sugarcoats the fact that Natives were enslaved and more harshly than black people...we had our land stolen, we had genocide practiced on our people, our people were fed to dogs for sport by Columbus, our people were burned, babies ripped from Indian mothers stomachs, babies slammed against trees,

eugenics was and is still practiced on us even in modern times, we still have no real rights in our own homeland,

we are spoken of in past tense yet we are still here, we all suffer from forms of historical trauma,

we are discriminated against way more than any other race in North America,

we live in the most poverty than any other race,

we are killed more by police than any other race,

there are many missing Native American women in North America.

Government steals Indian children for $$ profit.

Our culture is being stolen for $$ profit by greedy NON-Indians who are both white and black.

I could keep going but you should get my point.

The fact remains we NATIVES were "first" enslaved with Asians from various Asian countries and peoples brought here from India, southeast Asia, and other areas. They were captured from in Asia during the Asian slave trade to the Americas,

as well as the Irish and African Slaves later brought to our land from their lands in Europe and Africa.

This is the REAL slave chronology and history that they don't teach in history books.

Propaganda paints only one story of slavery in the Americas, the Black African slave trade.
I suggest people read and research to learn the WHOLE STORY of  slavery in the Americas.

These facts need to be in every single U.S. history book. 



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Indians burned and Indian babies slammed against trees  by Europeans

Columbus feeding Taino Indians to dogs as sport

Blacks in Africa still sell their own into modern day slavery